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Getting in touch

The Recruiters

64 Vineyard Road, Claremont

7700 Cape Town

South Africa

+27 (0)86 1106 490

The Recruiters

  • Active since 2005
  • 11 - 20 employees

Top recruiters specialising in Financial and Accounting Recruitment, HR and IT Recruitment as well as Sales, Project and General Management. All presented candidates are interviewed and recorded on video where possible and reference checked.

Clients save hours of interviewing time by initially screening a candidate on video in 45 seconds before investing 45 minutes to interview in person. Candidates get their message across earlier in the process too with less travel costs, time off work and fewer screening interviews to attend - saving time, money and energy for all parties.

Careervault adds a whole new dimension to recruitment by giving clients the power to search a real-world recruitment agency database of the top interviewed candidates while still protecting the anonymity of candidates.

The Recruiters is located in: