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9 Bulkeley Rd, Handforth

SK9 3DJ Wilmslow

United Kingdom

+44 (0)7557 739 864


  • Active since 2010
  • 6 - 10 employees

The Reason Delta Jobs Recruitment was started is simple, a niche in the market was found. This niche is directed at changing the dated recruiting ideals that many agencies are using today. During my time within recruitment I had it pushed on me that we are recruitment consultants and should be proud of the percentages we charge for the services we provide.

Yes we do provide a valuable service and business process however things have moved on from 1987. The reason I mention this date is due to processes that were designed and implemented when 25% was a standard and acceptable charge.

If this was successful the Agency would consider interviewing face to face a potential candidate, then posting their CV to potential clients. If the profile was adequate then the process would move forward. This was very time consuming and very specialized hence the high percentages.

Since then we have realised that most major organisations are able to perform the head hunting and investigations including reference checks by themselves using modern technology i.e. the internet, so why would a large billion dollar organisation choose a company like us? Simple! New more efficient recruitment processes at massively reduced percentages.

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